Media Player metadata and movie parts

Hi everyone,

I can’t find the proper naming convention to let the media player identify the 2 parts of a movie and show them with the movie correct metadata. Any help?


Have you tried finding the movie’s entry in the movie db?  If it’s listed as 2 parts there then that should give you an idea on how to name  your files so the metadata is fetched correctly.

he didn’t mean 2 parts of a movie, he mean a two part movie (one film split in 2 parts (a & b) or split in two discs cd1 & cd2)

I know what he meant and I stand by my answer. Take the movie “Pirate Radio” for example. Apparently, it’s known as “The Boat That Rocked” is some parts of the world. My avi file is named “Pirate Radio” but it fetches the metadata and appears in the media player as “The Boat That Rocked.” Why? Because “Pirate Radio” doesn’t have its own primary listing on the, but it is listed as an alternative title under “The Boat That Rocked.” Apparently, the scraper is smart enough to search those alternative titles for info as well. What movie are you trying to update, tommasot?