Media Player Metadata and folder structure problem

Hi, I got a question about the folders’ metadata with media player of ATV Flash (black). Because the NAS, which I use for Movies and TV Shows, isn’t only for me but for the whole family, they request that I put everything in a nice folder structure. With dvdrips there is no problem, I just make a directory with the VIDEO_TS an AUDIO_TS to the video section of the NAS and ATV Flash Media Player gives me all the metadata+fan art and I’m able to play if from the highest level (NAS/video).

However this in total contrast with the most kind of movies I use, because it’s the 21st century I download most TV Shows from the American and British iTunes Store, but because I’m dutch I remove the drm (Kigo m4v converter) and add afterwards the Dutch subtitles which results in 2 files. The same applies for bluray rips they’ve also a movies-file (mkv) and a subtitle file (srt). Because the NAS must not become a mess I put for each movie/tv show the movie file (m4v/mp4/mov/mkv) and the subtitle file (srt) in a collapsing folder. 

This results in the following problem: when I go to the video section of the NAS, using the ATV FLash’ Media Player on my Apple TV, I must for almost all videos, first open the collapsing folder before I can retrieve the metadata or can play the movie. Mostly the latter is what my bother. Isn’t there a way to play directly from the starting point (NAS/video) all movies and TV Shows?

To make it a bit easier to understand have I made a scheme, how it is now:

And how I would like to have it:


This is expected behavior in the current version, but something we are working to improve.

Stay tuned.

Hey James,

This behavior is one of my major annoyances right now. I’m looking forward to an update that allows for single click access on the folder that contains the video file. Thanks!