Media Player 'Memory Low Warning'


When streaming films in MKV format i always receive the error "Memeory Low". Is there a way to fix this? Also, i've notcied that alot of the metadata is wrong when i choose certain films. Is this down to MediaPlayer or the file it'self? Any recomendations on how i can change this?

Thanks again 

The upcoming Beta5 version will resolve many of the memory issues users are seeing.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

I got the same message when i try to play mkv-files.

when will this fixed?

It might be worth giving more details on the content of the mkv file (bit rate, resolution, codecs etc) that cause problems.   I play mkv files without recieving such warnings but then the vast majority if my mkv files are 720o resilution.  

I think by their very nature there can always be mkv files that have extremely high bit rates or high resolution that are likely to cause porblems and it is identifying the problem cases that will help get the issue resolved completely.

I am getting a low memory warning, got it once when I was looking through Netflix and now once when my coverflow was playing though the iTunes library music. 


Any ideas?  I can give more info if needed, I just need to know what your looking for.  btw season pass and atv hack are current.

I am facing the same problem, every time I have a file whether it is *.mkv, *.m4v or *.mp4. I have noticed this problem when the file has the following specification 

bit rate is more than 2500 and it is 30 FPS.

Appreciate any help on the matter. 

I’ve started seeing the “Memory Low” error a lot since upgrading to beta 7, playing a 720p .mkv file throws this error every time.  Also seeing it occasionally in netflix.


I submitted a diagnostic report, hopefully that will be of some help to the devs.

I’m getting this error too, though not always when playing back movies.  I have seen it happen while browsing photos on my computer, and it’s preceded by slowness and lag of creating photo thumbnails.


i’m using MP 1.0.23 on my ATV2 installed via the aTVFlash-black V1.dmg

the first time, i start MP and browse a very long directory (linked in my favorites) MP crashes and it seems, that the lowtide process is restarted.

after the “reset” i go to MP again, did the same and get the message “Memory warning - your device is running low on memory”

then i click on every button on the remote control but it takes about 5 minutes until the clickes are realized.

i have sent an bug report, and after sending it, i saw the message “memory warning …” coming up agian and then the atv2 did a automaticly reset.


what now?

Do you have any other 3rd party software, such as Plex, installed?


i installed some programs/tools/services via NitoTV, afair

is there an easy way i can send you what i have installed?


EDIT: so you don’t need a list of all installed “things” and the sent bug-report did help you?

what did you find?

how can i avoid this low-memory-message?

(its friday and i don’t know if you work on weekends, so nevermind if i’m too impatiently)