Media Player (Mark as Watched / Unwatched)


Just a thought something I saw in XBMC that I liked that would be nice to see in this player.

I know we can already press and hold select on an episode and mark as watched but what about full season folders or full series folders?


One more thing I thought of;

It would be resource hungry but would be nice if you were to run it over night would be when you set a category for metadata you can force a full update. Have the system cycle though and update the metatdata database for all shows.

Yes i know this is a very minimalistic media player so it may not be ideal for most but being able to have those options if someone wants them would be nice … if its possible :slight_smile:

Hi, bulk options for fetching metadata and marking as watched/unwatched are in the works.

Stay tuned.  :wink:


Anything new about mark a whole folder as watch or unwatched?
I really need this feature!

Thank you for all of your great software and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


a whole folder mark as wathed would be awesome. atm moment i switch from XBMC to Media Player and it su**s to mark every single episode of an 400 episode (and this for more than 3 series!!!) series -.-’

Yeah it should not be that hard implementing this feature, come on Firecore, we count on you :slight_smile:

Yes, I would definitely like to see the ability to bulk (select all) of a folder or whatever and be able to marked them as watched/unwatched. Please and thank you!

What’s the status of this request?

I’d like to be able to mark a full season of a tv show or my entire library of movies as watched.

Thank you.

I too would like this feature. Sat for like 30 minutes yesterday just marking every single episode for some shows :confused:

This feature would be very helpful. I’ve just removes and re-added my media source… now sitting here individually marking episodes as watched… painful.

I use for marking episodes watched.
Its easier to do it onlie than thru Infuse.