Media Player m4v file playback issues - dropped frames and aspect ratio

Hi all, I’ve recently purchased aTV Flash Black, and am running beta 6.  I found most of my files played well but some are experienceing issues, issues that aren’t seen if playing the same files through the native apple TV menu.  After investigating, I’ve come up with some solutions to bad playback and wrong aspect ratio issues that I’ve seen with ‘Handbrake’ created m4v files.


Firstly, for the bad playback, I found that simply using the ‘Optimize’ function in the ‘Subler’ application (v.014 by Damiano Galassi) fixed my playback issues.  Prior to running this, my movies would simply be unwatchable, pausing for up to 30 seconds before playing a few a frames.  After running, the film plays back no problems.  From the Subler faq, this is what the Optimize function does…

"What’s the ‘Optimize’ function?  It interleaves the audio and video samples, and puts the “MooV” atom at the begining of the file, restoring the Quicktime “fast-start” (also known as “pseudo-streaming”) ability of the file. "


Secondly, for the pixel aspect ratio issues I used the ‘Dumpster’ tool from Apple.  I found that my m4v files created by Handbrake prior to version 0.93 were being displayed correctly, but those after this version, for 16x9 content, were coming out wrong (more like 2.35:1).  All my files are 720 x 576 resolution, with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.422211.  To fix the problem I adjusted the following settings within Dumpster:

moov -> trak -> trakhd -> trackWidth = 720 (had previously been 1024)
moov -> trak -> trakhd -> matrix =
[1.422211, 0 ,0] (had previously been [1,0,0])
[0, 1, 0]
[0 ,0, 1]

This fixed the problem within the FireCore Media Player, and the files still play correctly on computer and through the native apple tv menu.


I guess, that while I have found the solution to the problems I’ve had, it is still by no means ideal.  These files I have changed, I believe, should have played back without problem from the start.  Can this please be filed as a bug and looked into.  Thank you.

Kind Regards,