Media player intermittently not displaying correct tv show metadata

Sometimes Media Player doesn’t display the correct show information like the episode name, etc.  I’ve verified that the file names are all within guidelines, and, if I just “reload metadata” on a per episode basis, it quickly refreshes with the correct information.


The odd thing is that it SOMETIMES correctly identifies the shows and sometimes it doesn’t (these are the times I have to manually reload metadata).


If I reload metadata for the whole show, it doesn’t work.  Only if I reload metadata for each individual episode does it correct itself.  This happens with most shows.  Some of my shows aren’t affected by it though, like “Leverage”.  That show seems to display correct episode information as the new episodes are catlogued.


Any ideas?


I tried to post an image to this forum but it has some internal server error.






atv flash v2.0.2