Media Player Installed but will not play any content!!??

Hi All,


This is my first post here and hope that somebody can throw some light on this strange/weird issue.


After installing atv flash (black) v1 and previous versions (on both 4.3 and 4.4.2) - I can install media player and have set up my files to access my “Samba” (SMB) Shares on a NAS. However when clicking on a file it states - “Playback error - An error occurred loading this content”.


The files that I am trying to play are divx / mkv - usual video files. XBMC plays them fine. Am I being a noob??


Thanks in advance for any assistance.





Having exactly the same issue. Could see all my media but couldn’t play back from my NAS. However, I have an additional problem now where by I cannot even move the media from watched to All or Unwatched.



Hmm - can you tell us more about the files you’re having trouble with?

All iTunes M4V media. NAS is a Synology DS411. I did submit a diagnostic report from the ATV itself - Serial number is DCYFL5WADDR5. 

One thing worth noting is that trying to open the file on My MAC with MPlayerX it also doesn’t work. However, with Quicktime it does quite happily.  



Were these files purchase through iTunes by chance? Unfortunately purchased content will still need to be streamed through iTunes.

The files are on my DS411, but this has an iTUNES service which publishes to my network. So if I go to any iTunes client I can view the NAS under ‘Shared’ and play the media. Likewise, I can play the media directly on any MAC I have by opening the file on the NAS using Quicktime.


On your Media player, I can see all of my TV programs, I can see the artwork etc, and I can see the menus is the same as a normal Apple TV. The file even loads before failing so I don’t understand why.


Many thanks



Hi James,


As per my original post at the top, these files are “Standard” divx/xvid, mkv’s such as those that can be downloaded on the internet.


There is nothing different about these files and anything I attempt to open with the media player it refuses. I would suggest that it is probably not the files that are at fault - but the SAMBA/SMB implementation.


The strange thing is that although these folders have user/password requirements - I would have expected the files to play considering it would not let me browse the folders without the correct username / password.


I am about to try to put some of the same files on a different NAS with Windows Shares (SMB/SAMBA) without any permissions (on the folders) to see if this highlights the bug.