Media Player Help

Hi Everyone.

I’m new to the forum, and would like some help/explanation as to the Media Player.

I added my computer in the Media Player. On my PC I shared the folder that I wanted to access my videos from.

However, in the Media Player, it’s only showing the Public Folders from my computer, and NOT the folder I want to share.

Is this how it’s supposed to be? Do I need to move the folder on my PC to the Public Folders in order to stream to the Media Player?



Are you using a username and password to connect to your computer? If not, the Apple TV will connect as a guest which may limit the folders you have access to.

I do not connect via username and pwd. I am using vista btw. Any other suggestion?

If you are not using a username/password to connect, then that might explain why you cannot see most of the files.

Oops, sorry I missed that. How do set a username and pwd on my computer and how do I do it on the media player on atv?