Media Player First Icon

I downloaded the latest version of FireCore and installed it tonight. I saw on the screenshots that they had moved the Media icon to the first spot so I can see recently watched, and they had updated the menu bar for Media player.

I don’t see any of that.  I have IOS 5.1 with the tethered Seas0npass jailbreak, and my Firecore Media Player is version 1.5-154214. 

What do I need to do to implement the new look for the top row and menus?? I really only use the ATV2 for Media Player.


You would need to use the Parental Controls to disable some of the items.

Thanks Matty! I had seen that fix before, but the screenshot I saw looked like it had all the icons, so I had dismissed it. 

Last night I went ahead and enabled Parental Controls and told it to hide the iTunes Match icon, since that’s useless, and the Media icon jumped up to the #1 spot!!