Media Player doesn't play any MP3 files

Hi there,

I’ve just installed atv Flash Black and created a share on my Macbook which I had connected successfully. Within this share there is one MP3 file for testing purposes.

Unfortunately after I selected this file for playback (I’ve pressed the silver Button on the rc) the media player switches for not even one second to the playback screen and goes then back to the folder’s view with the containing files. I’ve tested it with other folders, everytime the same issue.

Can you help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Are you streaming via AFP or SMB?

Which version of Mac OS X is running on your MacBook?

I’m trying to stream via SMB. On the Mac there’s MacOS X Lion (10.7.2).

Okay, I’ve just tried it with AFP and it works… But why does it not work with SMB?