Media Player doesn´t fetch all pictures



When in Media Player I click on a picture the program starts to fetch the pictures in the folder (in my NAS), this feature is very good so you don´t have to wait for each picture to load later on. But the problem is that Media Player doesn´t fetch all the pictures in the folder, is there a limit that it only fetch like 10 pictures a time, can I change this in the settings?

Tnx in advance

While in grid view, poster art will only be downloaded for the items that are visible on the screen.

This was done to enable faster browsing for larger libraries, and will be improved in a future version.

But that is not my issue. I have “vacation-pictures” organised in folders like:
My pictures/2011/Skiing in France
When I want to show my family when I went skiing I browse to that folder and click on the first picture in the folder to start the slideshow in fullscreen. Media player starts to fetch and the slideshow begins in fullscreen. But I have 50 pictures in the folder but I can only show like 10-20 in fullscreen and then it starts over with picture 1.

The feature that it fetches the picture is great, hate when you have to wait for every picture to load. But it has to fetch all picture in that folder, the best solution would be to fetch like 10-15 pictures that I can start to show and continous to fetch the rest while watching…


I have seen this befoe too.

James - Not media play and cover art, but personal pictures, so jpg’s etc.

I have seen where I have selected say a folder of circa 50 pictures, yet when it plays through them all, not all pictures are displayed. I have reported this before and I couldnt fiqure out what random sequence it was playing/selecting them in.