Media Player does not support all Apple TV remote buttons


The standard Apple TV remote only has the navigation buttons, a play/pause button, and a menu button. However, in the Settings menu, you can train a standard Apple TV to respond to another remote. When you do this, it also supports some extra discrete buttons:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Rewind
  • Fast forward
  • Prev chapter
  • Next chapter
  • Skip back (10 sec)
  • Skip ahead (30 sec)

I can’t get Media Player to respond to these buttons from my 3rd-party remote (the one that came with my DVR, although others seem to be having the same problem with Harmony remotes: ). However, they do function perfectly in the standard Apple TV apps (iTunes, Netflix, etc).

I know these buttons are not on the standard silver Apple TV remote, but since the stock Apple TV software does support them, I hope you can support them in Media Player too.


PS. I’m sure the developers know about these extra buttons, but for anyone else who’s curious, here are some more resources on setting them up:

+1 for 30 sec skip

This seems like a major omission that could easily be fixed…


The release notes for Media Player 0.7 specifically say “Added support for chapters”, what good does chapter support do if these commands do not work and therefore you have no way to skip chapters?


Are there any plans to add this basic functionality?

Although I agree that the fast skip function ability would be nice, since you can call uip the list of chapters and elect to go to any of them one could reasonably call that chapter support?


how do you call up the list of chapters?

Hold down the OK button on the remote. That allows you to select chapters ; audio tracks; and sub-titles.

Got a reply from the support staff:

“Support for advanced controls (like the Harmony remote) are in the works and will be available soon.”

Yep, should be ready for the next version. :)

So I see this feature is now supported…any documentation on how to program / use this feature? My Harmony One awaits Apple TV2ness…

FYI just prgrammed my DirecTV remote and the 10 second rewind works in media/infuse.  Been wanting this for as long as I’ve had the ATV Flash!