Media Player Documentation Request



I’d like to ask for a document (wiki?) that can explain some of the “how we think you should use our media player app” settings.



I have ripped all of my DVDs to my Synology NAS.  Works fine.  Wonderful.

I split them into categories.  So I have a “media” share and in there is a “DVD” folder which has nothing but DVD rips.

  • I used AnyDVD to rip them and they play fine, but I saved them as files, NOT as .iso images.  Is this good or bad?  What would the media player prefer?
  • I put them into a "genre/title/video_ts" structure which works fine.  Unfortunately, some of them are in "genre/title/disk1" which does not work fine.  XBMC thinks I have a DVD of the television show 24.  Because that's what came up "first" when it searched for "disc 1".  I don't mind adding metadata to positively identify a show, but this "automatic" thing leaves a lot to be desired!
  • Similarly, I put TV show DVDs into "television/show/season #/disc #".  I don't _have_ episode 13 of a tv show.  I have discs, because when I bought the DVD that's how they came.  I don't want to spend the time ripping every episode individually, because I'm lazy.  How can I make this work?


I can respect that this is a beta, and I think that a wiki would work well, but right now I feel like I’m flying blind :frowning:  The software works wonderfully (except for the “showing 4:3 instead of 16:9 when playing video_ts content” problem) but it would be awesome if it was just a LITTLE bit easier to work with :slight_smile:

I do think some documentation would be useful. Beta5 said it introduced a “favourites” feature to Media Player, but I’ve been able to add favourite folders since Beta4 - so what’s changed?

I disagree that there should be a wiki though. I despise wikis, they’re so unclear. I’ve given up on NitoTV and XMBC because all their stuff is spread through some vast, drawling, boring wiki.

I’d prefer a nice, simple, picture based instruction manual, like the one that comes with the Apple TV in the first place. And I’m happy to help you build on, as a PDF or something.