Media Player - Display of Cover Art for mp3 files not working?

I have mp3s stored on a NAS which are tagged with cover art and stored in folders with a folder.jpg in it. Media Player correctly displays the folder art for the folder, but does not fetch any art (apparently neither in the metadata nor the folder.jpg when the mp3-file is played. Instead, after the fetching routine, just the b/w default note picture is shown. Is there a way to ensure the display of local cover art for each mp3-file? I just found out that it seems to work for at least some .m4a files although I think they are tagged in the same way.


Thanks for helping.




Would you be able to send in a sample mp3 file we can look at?

A sample file is attached (change file extension to .mp3 again). However, it looks to me that the media player is not fetching the metadata from the NAS at all, just fetching artwork and information from the website if available.Switching on and off


It would be great if some settings could force the player to display the cover art either in the file itself or the folder.jpg in the containing folder. Enabling or Disabling track info in the settings seems to make no difference.