Media Player crashing and restarting, no 3rd party apps installed


The following bug prevents me from enjoying my aTV fully.

I have my movies on a Synology NAS (compatible with AFP and SMB protocols). So I start aTV, choose Media Player, choose my NAS.

Sometimes at this point, sometimes a step or two farther (i.e. during choosing a particular share on the NAS or choosing a folder on that share) the screen goes blank and aTV relaunches.

Usually the second time I try it is successful, though.

I also observed that this happens when aTV is taking a lot of time trying to list all folders on the share. I’m talking about roughly 15 files/folders and it takes like two minutes to show them. If it takes this long I know it will restart. In the rarely cases it can list the folder structure is a few seconds it will play OK with no crash.


It is a very regular bug, like 19 out of 20 times when I try to watch a movie after waking my aTV from standby.


I have NO 3rd party apps, just aTV Flash with media player.


It is quite furstraiting.


Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks.



Hmm…that doesn’t sound normal. Would you mind sending in a bug report?