Media Player choses wrong audio track in videos

I´ve got many video files with two audio tracks - German and English. I´m German, so I want aTV Flash Media Player to use German audio tracks as default. In some cases that works fine, but there are many files (MKV) that start playing with English audio. I checked those MKV files and found that the German audio track is flagged as default track and forced track. It also has ‘ID 1’ (English audio track has ID 2). The only “problems” I found are missing track names (German is showed on Apple TV as ‘title 0’, English as ‘title 1’ - actually it is ‘Titelnummer 0’). But if I change that to German and English it doesn´t fix the problem.

Is that a bug or just any other problem with those files? There’s no setting for default language or audio in Media Players preferences.


btw: VLC on Mac plays German by default for these files.

Which language is your Apple TV set to?


I’m new here and this is my first post - have tried to look for the info but can’t find it.

I have a couple of files that play with with the audio of the directors commentarys - how can I change the audio track within the aTV flash?



Hold down the OK button on the remote while playing, and a menu will come up that allows you to change the audio track (amongst other things)

Wow thanks for quick response. Am at work now so will try tonight. Could you refer me to where this documentation that covers this please? A basic user guide would be great.


Not sure where (if anywhere other than this forum) I saw this.    I have just become used to holding down the OK button to get a context sensitive menu virtually everywhere in the ATV2 interface.   


Aaah OK.

Would be great to see some instructions for this at sometime though…I’m a beginner and whilst I managed the jailbreaking and software flashing OK (due to following good instructions here) the operation and config is a different matter. How about a step by step guide for a common use case where the user wants to watch films and TV stored on the users windows computer?


Sorry for the late reply… My Apple TV is set to German.

It’s getting more confused: now I’ve got some episodes from the same show and season (exactly the same file attributes) that are playing in German right from start. I can’t find any difference to those files that play in English by default.  =O

i got the same problem but i found the reason. when you activate DTS and AC3 support, media player will choose the “better” format (DTS) on start of a movie… most of the movies in your list i bet, have as first a german AC3 line and second  one is english DTS line right? so media player will choose the english DTS…

Yes, the ‘better’ audio tracks will be used (if available and corresponding audio option enabled). We also look at the language of the audio track and try to select one based on the language setting of the Apple TV.

E.G. If your movie has an AC3 English track, and an AC3 German track, and the Apple TV is set to German you will hear the German track.

If all else fails, the audio track can always be manually selected through the Playback Menu as described here.

i know i know. dts-dts or ac3-ac3 will set your forced language but ac3-dts or dts-ac3 will set the better and not the forced :wink:

I’ll have to check on the ranking order, but I think it looks at language first then audio type.

E.G. If the Apple TV is set to German it would use a German AC3 track over an English DTS track.

nope, i test it… atv, video  language, subtitle languages  and co. all is set to german… but at first it chooose DTS 5.1 ENG instead of AC3 2.0 German on video playback

I’m not shure, if that really is the case here. Actually I got German AC3-2.0 and English AC3-5.1. All episodes are exactly identical, but for some German is used by default and for others it is English.

I agree with you.

I have the same problem here if I have a Tv-Series with 5.1 English audio and 2.0 Italian audio Mediaplayer always chose English as default.

Can you add this option (set audio language default) on 2.0 version of atv flash? Thanks

Did you change anything with version 2.0? I updated recently and now the Media Player chooses English instead of German for files that played in German by default before (in version 1.7).

Are either of the AC3/DTS audio options enabled?

Both (as before in 1.7).

The files are still with AC3 5.1 English + AC3 2.0 German.

Just a little reminder: Media Player still choses best quality first instead of desired language. Please add a setting for that or change the default behavior.