Media Player - Cant drill down folder lists


I Set up a share and Media player connects fine, but it only allows to go down one level in the directory structure.

Got \\media\movies\xxx.mp4 I can see the media folder, open that but reports no items for playback but doesn't give you the folder list to go down another level.


Snap, same problem here connecting to a Synology NAS.

Hmm, you may try restarting Lowtide (option found in Maintenance --> Settings menu) and then try to reconnect.

If you're still having trouble please submit a bug report as described here.

same problem with synology NAS.


i have the same problem! AppleTV2 Ser.No. C07DHALBxxxx SW. Vers. 4.1.1 / NAS Qnap TS-239 Version 3.3.6 build 1110T / Wlan FritzBox 7270

Under my share is the complete directory from my NAS listed e.g. /Privat /Multimedia /Downloads .....  but when i klick on a Folder (/Multimedia where my movies are) comes:

No Items to Playback in this Folder.

My Movies are under /Multimedia/Films/


This say my NAS log:

XBMC ! |2011-03-25|21:35:30|robi||appletv|SAMBA|Qmultimedia/Filme/Gullivers_Reisen/gulliver.avi|Read
XBMC ! |2011-03-25|21:34:58|robi||appletv|SAMBA|---|Login|OK
aTV Flash !|2011-03-25|21:34:36|robi||--|AFP|--|Logout
aTV Flash !|2011-03-25|21:34:19|robi||---|AFP|---|Login|OK

You see! With XBMC i can see my Files and Movies but with MyShares not

Ditto.  No recursion of folders beyond the root.  Synology nas as well....

Exactly same issue for me with MyBookWorld NAS. Movies are stored in /public/shared videos but can only get down to /public folder. If I move the movie files into top level folder the media player is able to read them and play successfully.

Same problem with QNAP nas

Same problem for me, Qnap TS-419P

Same here with a My Book World Edition - this was one of the reasons I bought the unit and ATV flash, so I could free up my laptop from the TV.

At least I can get to them with XBMC, so not the end of the world.  But would be much nicer to access my media from the home screen instead of launching XBMC.

same with freenas, no folder browsing. I am able to browse my macbook though.

Yep, same here with Synology ds110j !

Same here with QNAP 809 NAS.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Looks like there is an issue with certain NAS drives.

We're looking into it.

Same thing with Iomega Media Share. Managed to connect to NAS using username/password, but folder list doesn't drill down.


same with the WD Share space

same here, Synology 209




The new version (0.2) of Media Player released today should resolve this issue.

still the same problem with the WD Nas..

Working brilliantly on my WD MyBookWorld (White light) NAS.

Well done guys! Did this update also improve memory management issues?