Media Player cannot load content from a full network drive

Apple TV 5.2(6010.96)

aTV Flash (black 2.2)

Media player 2.2-417

Maintenace 2.2-1

I’m experiencing some issues with my aTV since updating last week.  

I’d like to start by saying that, when content is played on my aTV, the quality is brilliant, and the experience well thought out and immersive.  And when I ran Seasonpass without first checking if I may still download aTV flash over a year after I bought it, a support ticket very quickly resolved my issue, which makes me far more likely to buy from you again.

In the main my experience has been solid, however…

Backups from Cloud

The first issue is that after installing AppleTV update (via SeasonPass) and installing aTV flash update from firecore is that I’ve lost my Cloud backups.  From within Maintenance - Restore backup appears to time out on ‘Fetching backup info…’, ultimately it loads a screen entitled ‘Apple TV backups’ with no entries.  I took 2 backups immediately before upgrading, plus any others I’d have taken over the last year.  I however, never did a test Restore of them, so I am at least part to blame.

So my watched indicators are all lost, which is frustrating, but I can live with that.  

Media Player ‘Loading…’ indefinitely

The second issue, and this is one I had previous to the update, but the impact is more serious now, is the inability of Media Player to browse my NAS storage.

I have a very big (6TB) disk attached via USB2.0 to an Apple Airport Extreme base station which is in turn connected via 100Mbs cat 5e to my Apple TV; and it has 3 volumes (1,2, and 3) to get around the 2TB OS limit.  1 has all my media, content etc, 2 has my Time Machine backups, and 3 has work training videos and other backups.  All 3 are formatted with HFS+ (journalled) and accessed via SMB or AFP.

1 has 15 subfolders (music, films, telly etc), 2 has 3 folders, 3 has 4 folders.  1 is close to full, the other two less than 30% full.

When I want to browse my content, I enter ‘Media’, ‘My Files’ and having saved a connection to ‘APE’ my airport extreme, it quickly brings up my 3 volumes.

  1. When browsing '2' the folder list comes up in about 1.5 seconds.
  2. When browsing '3' the folder list takes about 70 seconds to show the 4 folders.
  3. The real problem is in browsing '1'; the folders never appear, and I've left it on overnight, and all the next day waiting for it.  I try various combinations of waiting and button presses every day in the hope of accessing my content again.

Before the update I was able to bring up the folder list with a few hours of waiting, and I saved the 5 folders that have video content on them as favourites, allowing me to play content in them without resorting to ‘my files’ -> APE -> 1 (Wait).

Needless to say, I can browse APE from my MBP and open the various folders on it within 3-5 seconds, playing video to my Apple TV one file at a time with AirPlay, but the reason I bought an AppleTV and aTV in the first place was to get a media-player-type experience.

The workaround I’m using now involves taking the videos I want to watch (Game of Thrones for instance) and copying them to one of the other disks, and  adding it as a favourite.  However, this is very slow and duplicates everything.


Am I doing something wrong?


I have a similar problem. I still have an old aTV (1st gen running Openelec/XBMC and that does not have such a problem so I think the problem lies with the Firecore software.


Seeing something similar, my disk’s are not full, but I can see that the contents of some directories are not listed, or are partially listed. I wonder if there is some kind of maximum file limit being hit? 

This also interests me, as I am approaching very full on one of my drives. Mine are only 2TB, but on one I have been careful about what I am adding, with only 10% of the drive left unused.