Media Player, cannot define folder content

I’m trying to define the media content of my shares in Media Player so that Media Player recognises the type of medias and handles them appropriately. No success. The instructions say I should go to My Files and then browse to the folder and then make a long click with Select. The problem is I cannot browse to the folders, I only get to the the share and not further down the hierarchy. My shares are AFP shared by a Synology. Paths have been entered by hand and connection test is successful. Would love a clue to what is wrong.

So you can’t navigate to the videos or folders in the file browser? Can you post the server connection address information you used?

Well, after much more tinkering, it gets better but not entirely clear. I did not realise I had to be inside the folder for this to work. I mean I have to see the media and not the folder. By doing so, I managed to get some of my content organised and recognised.

However, when I have only one episode of a show within a folder, the folder is not seen and I cannot tell Media Player this file is this or that content.

On my server, I have a video folder and two subfolders labeled shows and movies. I first setup two different shares sinology.local/video/shows and sinology.local/video/movies. I have now reduced to one single share sinology.local/video. But indie this share, I see my shows folder and instead of seeing my movies folder, I see the one movie I have for the time being as if it were directly at the video level. In reality, the movie is inside the movies folder. Why is that and is it a config problem on my side.

So you have a folder structure like this?



sinology.local/video/shows/Battlestar.Galactica/Season 1/Battlestar.Galactica.S01E01.mp4

sinology.local/video/shows/Battlestar.Galactica/Season 1/Battlestar.Galactica.S01E02.mp4


Have you marked …/videos/movies as movies in the file browser?

Have you marked …/videos/shows as tv shows in the file browser?




I have been able to mark the shows but not the movies. The movies folder does not appear as do the subfolders in the shows folder when there is only one episode in it. I have to upload another movie to see if the behaviour changes when there is more than one item in a folder.

My structure is this (if it helps at all…)


AFP Share: IP Address/Media

The folder structure is like this:

IP Address/Media/Movies/Movie1.mp4

IP Address/Media/Movies/Movie2.mp4

IP Address/Media/TV Shows/Show.Title.1/Season 1/Show.Title.1.S01E01.mp4

IP Address/Media/TV Shows/Show.Title.1/Season 1/Show.Title.1.S01E02.mp4

IP Address/Media/TV Shows/Show.Title.2/Season 1/Show.Title.2.S01E01.mp4