Media Player: Cannot add shared USB drives attached to my NAS



I’ve just installed ATV to use it as a Media server but I’m having issues when trying to add my network shares.

My NAS is auto-detected and can be added without any problems but I can’t add the two USB drives I have attached to the NAS. I’ve tried using both the server name and the IP address but neither works. For the server name I write ‘//server/share’ or ‘//[ip]/share’.


This might be something trivial but I’ve searched the forums and trieds a lot of different things but nothing works.

Any ideas?




Im having similar problems, I can’t see ANYTHING outside of iTunes since updating fire core and aTV software a couple of days ago so aTV flash right now is not working and there’s no fix to date, something has changed in latest aTV software that Firecore has not yet addressed.

It’s not just the issue with USB drives attached to my NAS. I’m also unable to add the drive on my Wdtv live hub. The only thing that works for me is my Mac Mini.

Same here, didn’t have any problem until updating. Can’t connect to my NAS (“An error occurred. AFP connection failed:unreachable network or incorrect login/password”) and after removing the share in the media manager and trying to add a new share it can’t detect the NAS anymore.


I have already reset the ATV 2, reset the NAS, checked all network settings and all seems to be fine only the ATV still can’t connect.