Media Player BIG problems

I installed ATV 2 today, reverting from 4.4.3 to 4.3 during the installation process. Everything seemed to go fine until after I'd installed media player and played parts of a couple of files to make sure it was working. The sound was slightly out of sync. Because I went to have a look at this forum, then when I tried to find the file again through media player it had gone from its folder, even though it showed up in the recently played ribbon on the main screen. It got worse. Soon, the only thing that Media Player was seeing was folders but clicking on them showed nothing inside.

I changed to grid view and the files reappeared, other than the two (one .avi, the other .mkv) I'd watched a little of. I went to the actual folder where they're located, renamed them and when I went back to media player they were there for a few seconds before disappearing. I've tried removing and reinstalling Media Player but it somehow save preferences from the original install. I'm new to macs and jailbreaking but I'm pretty computer-literate, but just have no idea what's going on. Please help!

It sounds like you may be on the ‘Unwatched’ view. You can change the view type by pressing the play/pause button while in List view.

Yeah, took me a few ticks to figure that one out after updating.

You were right: thank you so much for replying and giving me the correct advice!