Media Player audio problem

After watching several Video TS movies, I have noticed that occasionally the audio is not in sync with the video. It has been easy to resolve and is only a minor annoyance. I simply rewind the movie about 30 seconds or so and everything is resolved.

I also get this problem, though the rewinding isn’t doing much for me. Is this a known issue?

This will be fixed in the next version.

Hang in there.

Ah this is good to know!  However I’m afraid that this time the problem was actually my fault.  Unknown to me my computer had joined my old network, rather than the one the atv was on, hence when it tried to find the files it couldn’t.  Never underestimate the sheer idiocy of your userbase :wink:

And actually I just noticed that you replied to this post, not my other one, further reinforcing my point.  Doh!  Regarding the audio problem it has only been trouble once or twice.  9/10 it’s absolutely fine and if I come out then go back into the movie it fixes it, so it’s not too much bother.  I can submit a bug report if you want but if you already are on the case…

Ran into an audio problem just yesterday where the audio just stopped but the video kept on going.  Also, I could not stop the playback, get to the menu or do pretty much anything.  To correct the situation required power off.   I’m wondering if this is another symptom of “out of memory” issues I have seen in other threads?

The audio sync issues should be resolved in the upcoming version due out next week.

Hang in there.  :wink: