Media player audio output very low

2nd gen ATV with v6 beta - the media player buffering is much improved, however the audio from my SMB stored movies is very low. In XMBC or itunes, my audio is set to “3” for reasonable listening volume. With the new media player I have to turn it up to “8-10” (maxium) for similar output. Tested Apple TV previews, XMBC, itunes library all are as expected, normal volume - so seems to be isolated to media player. Same AVI files on v5 media player had no issue. Using HDMI audio output.

Thanks for your help.

This is a known issue that we’re currently working to resolve.

Hi -

Thanks for all the hard work on the update. Just FYI, the low volume issue still occuring even after the 0.6 update. I sent in a diagnostic file yesterday.