Media Player Aspect Ratio



 Is there a way to set the aspect ratio when playing a video?

  In XBMC, while playing a video a sub menu can pop up with a slew of setting selections including advanced audio and video settings.

 Bottom line is I have a plasma, and I want ALL my videos to play in 16:9 mode to cut off any black bars.

 Can Media player do this?

Not yet, but a zoom feature is planned for a future version.

Zoom tool? I would prefer a stretch option so i will not lose any picture information!

For most, zooming is preferred over stretching, but perhaps we can do both.

A comparison of each can be found below.




I agree that sqeezing vertically a 4:3 frame looks awkward! But stretching vertically a 2:39:1 frame to eliminate black bars on the top and the bottom at my plasma tv is not that awkward… I would like to watch mkv movies, many of which are in 2:39:1 format, fullscreen without loss in picture information!