Media player and ios4.3

Hi Guys, 

My Dad and I both have a ATV2.  We both replaced our Macs on the same day.  We get home and I go about trying to set up our ATV2’s with the new macs.  Because its been so long since i set up aTV flash and the likes xbmc, I reckon that I need to start a fresh so re’ JB…to 4.3 only to discover that xbmc won’t work on 4.3.

So…I have a look at the new beta of aTV Flash…and discover Media player.  I actually like it better than xbmc!..but it won’t play m4v files.

Is this a known “bug” or have I done something wrong? 

If its a known bug, is it being looked into for 4.3…or are we eating on ios5 for the fix?

Thanks in advance!


Try the new version of Seas0nPass that was released today. This will update your AppleTV to the latest version and should resolve any issues you’re seeing with Media Player.

Thanks for this…I will indeed try the new version of Seasonpass…

Best Regards