Media Player acting differently on my 2 NAS

This is my first post and hope to get the support of the strange issue I met.

My ATV2 version is 4.3(2557),use SeaonPass jailbreak and installed ATV Flash black 1.0, Media Player updated to the latest version.

I have 2 NAS, one is Maxtor download box-MSS2, one is a 2T Home NAS called UIS1000, both are installed Linux system, below is the Linux version


~ # uname -a
Linux MSS2.local #1 Sun Jun 14 23:52:46 UTC 2009 armv5tejl unknown


-sh-3.1# uname -a
Linux UIS1000 #8 Thu May 19 15:59:23 CST 2011 armv5tejl GNU/Linux

both NAS have set NFS share and Media Play can sucessfully add SMB share of two, but when I played Movies on MSS2, it will automatically quit after a few seconds play,while I copied the same Movie from MSS2 to UIS1000, Media Player can play it very well. Using XBMC can play moives well on both NAS.

Can anybody give some hints on this strange thing? I really appeciate to use Media Player but I do not want to copy the download data once more.


Hmm - if you’re able to send in a bug report we can get a little more information and hopefully track down what’s going on.

Already solved.The built-in Samba version of Maxtor dowload box is too low, upgrade to SAMBA3, the movies can play well.

Great. Thanks for following up.