Media Player Accessing SMB share - Apple TV Relaunch


Everytime, I wake up the Apple TV and I want to access Media Player, as soon as I access my share, the Apple TV relaunch (black screen and reload to the main menu). After the relaunch I return in the media player and now it’s working fine for only one movie. When a Movie end and I want to start another one. The same problem happen.

I use the version Seas0nPass 4.4.4 and Firecore 1.2.

My share is on a Windows 7 64 bits box.

Any option should I change to fix this issue ?




I  (and several others) have exactly the same problem. I’m on 4.4.4 & Firecore 1.2 with movies on a WHS box with a SMB share. Been happening since 1.0.

You need to submit a bug report.



I think a found a solution, for now this is 2 days and no reboot from the Apple TV. On your windows box, open a command prompt (start, run cmd.exe).

Net Config Server /autodisconnect:-1

Reboot Windows, reboot your apple TV and try.


This has resolved a long standing issue for me of frequent lowtide reboots!  Thank you!  I did not disable the auto disconnect, just changed it to one day from the default of 15 minutes.  These links had a lot of other info about this issue for windows.

I appreciated you confirm this was the issue for you too!! Have fun :slight_smile: