media player 9.1

Will the “Show hide” menu option re appear soon?

 Ethernet control of the ATV would be very cool please can we have soon…

 Backup to cloud does not seem to be working diag sent to fire core.

  Can i view my own photos as the screen saver from a nas drive?

 in the new version of 9.1  the showing content seens to take longer.

  Im still getting “Memory warnings " playing Vobs”  diag sent

can not play *.m4v files

Are you running the latest version of Maintenance (0.7-111)? This version fixes a number of cloud backup related issues.

yes i am running the latest version  0.7-111

To James and crew


Also now with version 9.1


The sound disapears when watching a VOB film , and then the Apple TV does not respond to any of the commands from the remote…  only removing the power from the ATV cures / resets the ATV.




Can you open a support ticket describing these issues? That is the best way to track down issues like this.