Media Player 2.0.1-358 causing relaunch after 20 mins of playback

Hi there,

just updated to Media Player v2.0.1-358 and now getting a relaunch after about 20 minutes of playback. I’ve removed, relaunched, reinstalled and relaunched Media Player and am still getting the problem.

It’s happening on various file types.
Can the old version be re-posted to roll back to via the UI or any quick fix info?


I have the exact same issue.

pleased to hear if there is a quick fix or an update in the pipeline to fix this issue.

I have also noticed the same problem.

Before update to 2.0.1 everything was fine.

We've just pushed a fix aimed at resolving this issue. Please try installing this new update on the Apple TV (via Maintenance > Manage Extras) and let us know if it resolves the problems you were seeing.

Sorry for any trouble.

Thanks James,


that’s all sorted! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Awesome! 8)

After last update for me it works perfectly.


Hi James,


thanks for the quick response an quick fix!

AtV is working like a charm again!



Amazing response time as always! Was having the same issue, solved now.



I think I have a similar problem - my ATV2 with v2.0.1-359 reboots around every 20 minutes - but only when listening to music via AirPlay; watching movies works fine for hours without reboot.



2.0.1 -359 reboots playing music after only a few minutes.  Can’t play more than one song max before reboot.  Removed, rebooted, re-installed,rebooted; still the same.

By chance do you have AirControl installed (check in Maintenance > Manage Extras menu).

Having the same problem with *359 and affects all music file types, video is fine, Aircontrol not installed. Is there a location for diagnostic info on the Apple TV in case it’s somehow network or share related ?


No - only Maintenance and Media Player are installed. (also tried to reinstall them a few times)

Hy all,
Same problem here with last version Of Atv media And maintenance installed. After few songs i receive a memory error then relaunch. No problem with video And movie.
Please fix … As it is i can not use appletv anymore.
Mano thanks for your work,

Surprised more people haven’t responded to the *359 music problem, has this bug been reproduced by Firecore or is it some weird user-based configuration or set up problem, considering a full reinstall if it is.

I have the same problem since I updated to 359. Never had a problem before. I can play video without problem. As soon as I play music, boom! And not necessarily after 20 min as per the original poster report. Sometimes, after just 2-3 minutes, crash.

Same here im using itunes match and resprings all the time movies are fine just music and could be anywhere from 1 min to 40 min before it crashes I did notice it works longer if I hard boot the atv2, already sent a ticket and crash report.

Same with me. One song is fine, in the middle of the second song, after 5 minutes or so, the media player crashes and atv has to reboot. I also noted that it takes very long to load folders and files.

XBMC plug-in, on the other hand, works fine (and finds my mp3s much faster), so it is not a network issue. I also deinstalled and reinstalled the media player, no effect.

Same problem here, I have the feeling that it has something to do with mem. leaks, reproducable but sometimers after 1 min, then after 10. I reinstalled, tried everything, this is a

big problem.


Can we expect a fix? Music playing, standard ATV functionality isn’t possible now, without reboots that is.