Media player 1.7 - impossible to access local files

Dear team,

I upgraded to Media Player 1.7 but can not access any more to the “local files” section.

When selecting Media Player > my Files > local files, I get a black screen for 1 second then the waiting animation appears and I’m back to the Apple TV main menu (as if the Apple TV 2 rebooted)

This crash scenario is 100% reproducible

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I have the same problem… I just click on “Local Files” in Media Player, and ATV 2 just reboots and then nothing happens.


Just reinstalled aTV (from scratch) for the third time and only loaded media player and now my Apple TV is useless as I can not access any local files. Please provide a fix.


Thank you in advance,


Hmm - we’ve not seen any issues here.

Would you mind sending in a bug report?

Dear James,

Bug just posted : #35507

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This issue has been resolved in a minor Media Player update that was released today. This update can be installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

Sorry for the trouble.

Amazing response time!

Not only speedy but efficient ! I updated the media player and was able to browse my local files

Many thanks to the team !

I have got the same problem. When I go to “my files” and my networklocation and select the media folder, it says “loading” and after that; the apple tv flashes for a moment and then it returns to the main menu. So I’m not able to get into the media folder. I’m using ATV 1.7.