Media player 1.7 finding hard drive, but not its contents.

Hi all, new to the forum as ive just downloaded and installed the software. I have been unable to get the media player (1.7) to find any of my files contained on an external hard drive attached to an airport extreme. The software appears to recognise the hard drive, but when i click on the icon i just get stuck on a loading screen…It either then crashes the Apple TV 2 or just sits on the load screen.

Ive formatted the drive checked the network connection and ran through the team’s troubleshooting, but alas to no avail.

I can connect to the media stored on the external drive via my laptop, so i presume its a connection issue between the apple tv and the external drive.

Further to this, i also have an update icon in maintenance, but it will not allow me to carry out the said operation.


thanks in advance to anyone who can help with the situation, having never been able to use the software ive downloaded, it’s a little frustrating!!