Media Player 1.3 Metadata?

Since the last update my metadata is completely off. Seems like about 1 in 10 movies have completely wrong metadata. For example, Immortals lists as In Time. I’ve tried clearing out the metadata, disabling it, re-enabling it. Nothing seems to work. The metadata information was flawless before 1.3. Is there something else I could try or is this a known issue?

Going to try this tonight:

OK nevermind, that link seemed to do the trick. But it’s odd that my metadata was perfectly fine before the latest update and now all of a sudden I’m getting a bunch of incorrect hits.

Can you describe the behavior you were seeing and the solution you found that fixed it?

All of my metadata prior to the latest update was accurate. After installing 1.3, a lot of my metadata was wrong. For example, Cars and Cars 2 were listed as Pirates of the Caribbean, Immortals was listed as In Time, etc. The Cars movies were what caught my attention to this as my son loves to watch these every single day (literally). After following the guidelines in the link I added to my first post, everything was fine. But I had to fix them all manually.

Hmm, that is quite odd.

Did you make any other changes to the AppleTV, or migrate shares or something of that nature?

Updating in and of itself shouldn’t affect any saved metadata, so if that’s what you’re seeing it’s definitely something we want to look into.

Nope… I haven’t changed anything in quite a while. Only adding new movies to my network share which shouldn’t affect anything on the ATV2.

BTW, I wish support groups everywhere were like you guys. Always on the ball! Kudos!

I also am experiencing this exact same issue, it started the last update on both of my apple TVs