Media Player 0.9.4 - James, Please Read

Hi James,


First of all sorry for the long post, wanted to include a level of detail that may help you rather than such and such is just not working! Loving the new release and has sorted quite a few of my issues, all my slow metadata loading issues are resolved and I can now get to folders with large amounts of photos in without a low memory or the aTV rebooting. However, I’ve noticed the following:


  • Whilst I can get to the folders for photos, it doesn’t show them as thumb nails, just shows the box with a movie ticket in so I have no way of selecting individual photos
  • When I select ‘play slide show’, it doesn’t show me all the photos in the folder, I’ve looked at this in-depth and cant figure out what random pictures its displaying (due to the above issue) but its defiantly not showing all the photos in the folder
  • Cover art for folders is still not working (grid view), I’ve even cleared all cover art/metadata from the aTV and reloaded to check but no luck, it does now work for individual movies but not folders and I’m wondering if its when you have multiple folders in a folder. For example, my folder set up that does not work is as follows:
    • Camcorder
      • Holiday 1
        • Video_TS
      • Holiday 2
        • Video_TS
      • Holiday 3
        • Video_TS
      • Etc. . . . .
  • I used to have the ‘Camcorder’ folder set up as a ‘Movie’ folder, this pulled in random metadata, I’ve since changed this to ‘none’ as the default and that gets rid of the random metadata and shows the first frame of the movie (video). Whilst this is kind of acceptable, I’d rather have my own picture to display
  • So, followed the instructions on here of how to load cover art for folders etc and in the Camcorder folder I have corresponding folder name with a .jpeg in so Holiday 1.jpg, Holiday 2.jpeg etc. My understanding is this should then show that jpeg as the movie ‘picture’, but all I get is the first frame of the movie still displaying.
  • It does however work when there is only one folder in the folder and not multiple so:
    • Camcorder
      • Holiday 1
        • Video_TS
  • With just this one ‘Holiday 1’ folder in the Camcorder master folder (and the corresponding Holiday 1.jpeg) it does work. Hence my assumption on the multiple folders in a master folder structure not working
  • Last thing for me (Phew!) :) Sound is still going out of sync and I even get a loss of sound which I can replicate (the loss not the going out of sync). The loss comes when I fast forward, continue to play for a while then the sound goes, I’ve figured out how to temporary get it back . . . . by fast forwarding again, press play and it all comes back, however it goes again and I’m in that continual loop.
  • If I just watch a movie sometimes the movie and sound looses sync, sometimes it doesn’t but every time I fast forward I always loose the sound a few seconds afterwards (I actually need to time it to see if its consistent or random)


That’s about it, loving the product and keep up the great work! B-)


James - any luck with this please?

Can you send in a bug report with more information about your files and the audio sync issues.

Regarding the cover art, what size are the image files you’re attempting to use? MP will currently support cover art images up to 300KB.

Thanks james and will do when I return from business re the audio issues.

Re the coverart, I’m using jpg pictures that are a lot bigger so will reduce the size.

What about the photo issues I have though please?