Media player 0.9.1 won't play .iso files


After I’ve read that the new version of Media Player were to play iso files I got thrilled because this was the major thing I was missing. But when I try to play iso files my ATV2 just prompts: “Playback error. And error occurred loading this content.”

Im running my aTV2 on 4.3 software, which is jailbroken with Seas0npass. The iso’s I’m trying to play is DVD iso’s.

Any suggestions? 

Would you mind sending in a bug report so we can track down what’s going on.

Done :slight_smile:


Mr. james, I have the same issue with ISO files, why won’t it play? It says clearly on the website that it plays ISO files, but I get an error message, help please!

This thread was about the 0.9.1 release of Media Player whcih may well not have played DVD .iso files.    The current release is 1.7 and it DOES play DVD .iso files (at least it does for me).   

If you are using the 1.7 release then I suggest you follow the process for raising a bug report so FireCore can look into why you are having a problem.