Media Player 0.3 - Low Memory Issue

About 40 minutes into an 720x480 m4v stream from my MacBook, the video stopped and I got a "low system memory" warning/error on my Apple TV. After going back to the content menu, choosing the file again, it resumed playing fine. After another 30-40 minutes it happened again.

I've never experienced this error before in the prior two releases. There were also some minor hiccups throughout, but that is pretty much what I'm used to from this beta player.

I have exactly the same problem.


However I'm playing a 1080p MKV and the crash happens instantly.

There are actually a number of core Media Player components that are still under heavy development - once these are updated components are added to the public version of Media Player many of the stuttering/hiccup/memory issues should be greatly improved.

Stay tuned.

I'm having the exact same problem. Other files seem (so far) to work fine, but the mkv one (which is 720p) gives me the same low memory issue instantly.


Thanks anyway!

OK - Thanks James.

It is also important to note - that High Definition files are unplayable at the moment. They stutter and very quickly, crash out into a low memory error.



Is there a fix for this yet? I am streaming from a 2 TB Time Capsule to my Apple TV and have been running into this more often, even on non_HD movies.

I recently purchased aTV flash Black 1.5 and installed it on a 2nd Gen aTV running the most recent 5.x version iOS that I “jailbroke” with the most current version of Season Pass.  Everything worked fairly well with just the core aTV Flash software installed, there was no Nito TV or XBMC installed.  However, as the others in this, and several other threads, have stated there is a chronic problem with the “Low Memory” error when using Media Player.  I soon started getting the error and the aTV went into a loop where it would buffer, fail and then flash the low memory warning.  I was unable to get the aTV out of this loop in order to try to reboot it to clear the memory overrun.  James, you posted over a year ago that Media Player would soon be “greatly improved”, it does not seem that it has been.  Was the Low Memory error fixed in iOS 4.4 only to return in 5.0, or was it never resolved?  Being able to play any format I wanted on the aTV was my main draw to purchasing aTV Flash.  Now that I can’t do that and my install of aTV Flash is suffering from memory overruns, I have simply restored it to the current version of iOS to at least make it usable.  Is anything being done about the Low Memory error?  I spent $29.95 for a product that does not function as advertised.  If there is no fix for this problem can I get a refund?

This thread was started over a year ago back when Media Player was is early stages of development. Since then memory issues like this have been virtually eradicated, so if you’re seeing this message it would be best to send in a bug report as described in the link below.