Media Player 0.3 - DVD VIDEO_TS Display Ratio Issue & MKV Audio

Wanted to provide feedback as I love this concept and eagerly await it to fix the following bugs!


Streaming off of 100Mbps Synology NAS.

1. All ripped DVDs do not come up in 16:9 mode but instead in 4:3 mode (always black bars left and right, not sure exactly 4:3).

2. MKV's with multiple audio tracks: it picks the first audio track -- there needs to be a selection (maybe ditch the audio volume up and down?)

3. MKV's with subtitle tracks sometimes show up, sometimes not: there is no way to toggle.


Keep up the frequent releases!




Thanks for the feedback.

1. This is a known issue and is being addressed.

2 + 3. Better handling for multiple audio tracks & subtitles are planned. I'll pass your feedback along to see what we can do.