media player 0.2 - works great but....

hi there.


upgradeded media player to 0.2 and it fixed the lack of folder drill down, but all the files are now not in any sort of order . typically, it should be alphabetical folders and the alphabetical files under it. can this be done? other than that great job.



Same issue here. Would be great to have files in alphabetical order. Thanks.

What type of device are you streaming from?

What type of files?

I have the same issue. FYI I'm using a WD My Book World Edition, media is a mix of mkv, divx/xvid avi and mp4.

I have seen the same issue. Using SMB off of freeNAS. It appeared to list the directories Alphabetically, but treats capital A-Z first, then lowercase a-z, but then new directories I made since install were listed below that... Strange. As a side not, XBMC doesn't exhibit this behavior.

Am streaming from an Iomega Home Media Network drive.

The problem occurs with AVI, MKV and M4V files.