Media Player 0.2 Stuttering :(

I've tried both XviD (SD) and MKV (HD 720p) files and they both stutter and then suffer from artefacts/blur.

Using the latest install as of today (Beta4), with Mac OSX (10.6.7).

Any ideas, was very excited about not having to bother with XBMC (files play fine through that so it's not the network).


Right now this behavior is most noticeable with many 720p+ files and is a result of a few inherent performance issues that we are working to address.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, look forward to an update.

help with media player set up


what will be the host name if my movies are here "Nas1/Public/Movies"

i have no user name or password so can i leave user and password blank?



no, I think you can't. I also had no login and no password and didn't manage to complete my settings. After I set a login and a password there where no problems anymore.

yes, I can confirm this stuttering with 720x496 H264 mp4 AVC with MPEG AAC audio files made with the Normal - High settings using latest version of Handbrake on mac.

the jerky playback also happens with 608x352 mpeg4 with mpeg audio layer 1/2/3 file d/l from newsgroups...  


I'm really looking forward to an update that addresses this


I had a "low memroy" error after about 10 seconds of playback on a pretty high end mp4 last night. 1280x528 AAC file about 2 gigs in size. It plays back on my ATV1, thought had some stuttering there as well.


The more updates the better to Media, I look forward to finally ditching my ATV1