Media not playing locally

have setup a new apple tv4k with infuse 6 pro connected in my local network to a plex server hosted on a synology ds918+, when playing it is streaming over the internet connection and using my whole 60mb connection, if i disconnect the internet in the router settings the media still plays but locally.

Am I missing some configuration somewhere in infuse or in pms?

Any help or suggestions?

Sorry but it’s a bit unclear as to what your problem is.

You say you have a ATV4K connected to a DS918+ on a local network yet you’re talking about some internet traffic. Could the internet traffic be Infuse trying to populate the metadata which is normal for first time set ups and briefly when adding new media after the first full scan?

Infuse doesn’t route local traffic over the internet when playing video. Now if you’re streaming from a remote server then you will see internet traffic.

You may want to try changing over to a SMB connection to your NAS leaving plex out and see if that suits your needs.

If you go to the Settings > Library are you getting the message “Last updated …” or does it show activity of fetching, syncing with iCloud, etc?

Playing media on the same network with the internet connected on the modem use the full internet connection making the internet non usable even fails a speed test. As soon as the media is paused or stopped the bandwidth is freed up and speed test resumes. Then when you play again speed test fails.

Now if I disconnect from the internet in the modem the media still plays so it is playing locally but soon as there is a connection it goes out to the internet than back to the Apple TV using the full bandwidth for 4K.

As I said, Infuse doesn’t route locally stored media out on the internet and back. Did you get a chance to look at the settings I mentioned and possibly try the changes?

Also, I take it you are using a Plex connection in Infuse, so can you double check that you are not using a Plex share located remotely on a different server than your local NAS?

Thanks bullseye

The settings say last updated.

I use plex on Samsung TVs so would like to keep my watched/unwatched tags intact. Would switching to smb stop that?

It’s strange that when there’s no internet connection the media plays and when it’s connected it goes out on the internet then back in.

I guess this is a pms issue?

I’ve just setup the smb to the synology and there is no internet bandwidth issue.

So definitely something in pms causing it.

I’ll have to bow out of this part since I don’t run Plex but maybe James will chime in.

Or it’s Plex streaming out everything you watch to “Big Brother” :wink:

That intrigued me and it appears that when I’m watching via plex it seems to be going external too.

I am waiting for a UniFi usg and cloud controller to arrive so will have a look and see what’s happening.

Just thought I would update So everyone can see a solution.

I have removed the bt home huh 5 from the network and replaced with a HG612 3b modem and a UniFi usg and cloud key. The problem is now resolved. It was the home hub that was routing traffic wrong.

Unrelated but what is the max internet bandwidth that your USG can handle? I’m running a ER-X now but was looking to move to something with IDS/IPS but need it to handle 175Mbps wan connection. My old Cisco ASA could only handle ~120Mbps

well further testing shows media played in plex on the samsung tv plays locally on LAN but playing in infuse on ATV4K plays via WAN and hogs all the bandwidth making internet use elsewhere impossible and speedtests to fail.

The only time Infuse will use internet bandwidth while playing a video is when you are streaming from a cloud based share. Is it possible you have your plex share set up to function like a remote access situation?

Have you tried the Plex app on ATV?

plex app on ATV4K does the same, its really annoying now :frowning:

justed added the LAN address into PMS now plex app on samsung and APTV plays from LAN, infuse still plays over WAN

Sounds like you need to recreate the Plex share in Infuse using the LAN address.

Could Infuse be maintaining or updating a account while streaming a file locally (WAN)?

I’m pretty sure that Infuse won’t do those kind of updates during playback or at least not during the entire playback. It’s more likely that he’s narrowed it down to Plex going out over the net and back.

It was a routing issue from a network misconfiguration. It was fixed by removing a piece of equipment. It was probably my some sort of weird NAT routing issue.

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