Media - Issues

Hello all,


Just bought ATV Flash, and have been setting up the media on it.

Judging by the screenshots, once setup, the media menu should give me multiple menus, however all I have is:

  • My Files
  • Settings

Also, I believe once I go into my files, I should be able to press and hold select on my Folder containing TV shows, and it should give me the option to set the content as TV shows. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring up any pop ups for me to select anything. If I go into the TV Shows folder, and then click on another folder containing a particular TV Show, I am able to Set the content of this specific folder.

Thirdly, my last issue is every time I go into one of my folders, it loads up every single DVD Art individually. Looking at the videos, all the dvd art should be shown instantly?

Any help appreciated!


EDIT: To go with the DVD art reloading, every time I come out of Media and back into a specific Movie/TV show, it has to re-download the metadata

The extra items shown in the main menu are Favorites. These can be any folder on one of your shares, but not the actual share itself. More details on setting up Favorites can be found here:

The same goes for folder tagging, you can tag any folder on your share, but not the share itself. If all the files on your share are TV Shows an easy workaround would be to place them all in a new ‘TV Shows’ folder. Once you have this folder it can be tagged as TV Shows and set as a Favorite to appear in the main menu.

We’re working on a few improvements to speed up the loading of cover art in grid view, so hang in there.  :wink:

Ahh thanks very much.

I had figured out they were favourites, but couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t add them!


To go with the DVD art reloading: Is this the same for metadata? The way I understand it is that it should keep the metadata stored, but it has to Gather it every time I load a video up.

I have just timed the loading of the first page of DVD art (there is 21 DVDs I can see on the screen) and it took 10 seconds. it then doesn’t load any of the others until I scroll down.

Is this normal behaviour?


Just to be even more annoying, I have a another question. I have a couple of movies which are split into 2 files, e.g. Life of Brian Part 1 and Life of Brian Part 2. Anyway to get these to scan in together like Plex and XBMC? Not a big problem, but might swell ask while I’m at it!

Thanks for the help

Speeding up the loading of cover art and metadata is one of the things we’re working to improve.

Unfortunately combining two files is not yet supported, but may be added in a future version.