Media, I love it... and I hate it

First off, thx for a great program… Love the fact that its easy to install / use.! 

And I love the way movies play in Media… so much smoother than other programs I’ve tried 

However… Considering I paid 30$ for this, I would have liked that the “main” feature of your program (imo) Media to … (well tbh) BE BETTER!

I know the way the program works is a lot different than fx say Plex. But me, and I’m guessing ALOT of other users of your program loves to be organized with their movies and tv shows! All mine are fx put into order, season by season … genre by genre etc! 

Now I’ve been using Plex before Media, and I just loved the way everything looked… it picked the “correct metadata” (most of the time, and even if didn’t it was quick jump back to the computer, correct the mistake and “push” the update button and we are gd to go), and they even made it play the title music for the correct series, i mean the way everything looks and feels so… well “apple like” is the reason why I’m still using Plex to show my tv shows, just because it looks better. And if only Plex would play my HD movies better, than media …! I would still only have used Plex, and I wouldn’t have payed 30$ for this.

And I mean, come on guys your making ppl pay 30$ for a program… that dosnt feel and act like I should be paying for it. The way I have to find cover arts for the folders etc… come on … ! 


P.S I know aTV Flash is more than JUST media (but come on guys, what are we using apple tv for?)

So just to clarify, you’d like the TV Shows organization to be a bit better (cover art for folders, seasons, etc…)? If so, then this is already planned for a future version - no ETA just yet, but it is in the works.


Well… hehe yeah, thats exactly what I meant… Thats gd to hear :wink: Thx mate 

Ill be looking forward to that update


Yes please! Cover art for seasons (even if all in same folder) and while I’m at it:

  • better parsing of multi-episode files…

  • better parsing of files for daily tv shows that use date not season naming conventions