Media files not visible but containing folders are

I’m running 4.4.1 with ATV Flash Black 1.0 and I’m suddenly not able to see media files on my AFP shares. I can see the folder structures and meta data gets fetched for movies that are inside the folders but going inside them gives a message that no media files are found. 

I tried a number of things, rebooting my computer, turning off file sharing and turning it on again, removing the share from Media Player on the ATV and re-adding it, re-installing media player on the ATV. No changes. On the same network, my Xbox 360 can get to the files and play them.

Any suggestions? I’ve been using this since Beta 3 and never had this problem.

What kind of files are these that are missing?

All actual files (non-folders, essentially) are missing, so if a folder contained a typical XVID AVI file with an .srt file, neither of those files are visible. Most of the files are .mp4, .m4v (made for AppleTV 2 profile by me using Handbrake) and an occasional .mkv.

My machine is a Macbook Pro on OS X Lion and the media being shared is on a pair of 2 TB USB drives. I also have Playback running (which has never conflicted with Media player on the ATV before) for my Xbox 360 to access much of the same files (which is working).

Let me know if that is not what you were trying to find out.

I’m going to attempt an upgrade to 4.4.3 with Seas0n Pass later today and see if a full reload of the AppleTV does anything, but as of right now, the problem still exists.