Media files encoded with DTS-HD MA are not playing back in that format


I have media files encoded in DTS-HD MA sitting on my Plex server. When Infuse plays these back, my receiver is not picking up a DTS-HD MA single. My receiver plays this content back as multi-channel in.

Plex, apparently, is not transcoding these files and passing along the original audio.

Could Infuse be incorrectly passing the audio signal to my Apple TV 4k? I did just renew my Infuse subscription, and I understand that DTS-HD MA playback is a Pro feature. Maybe something is sticking in the activation?

This has been covered a few times before but infuse pro has the license to decode DTSHD audio. Because Apple does not allow bitstreaming all audio is sent as uncompressed PCM to your receiver. Your receiver will say PCM or mult Ch. bit for bit it’s the same as the DTSHD track. Secondly infuse direct plays everything from plex as it doesn’t support any of plex’s transcoding features.

Ah, alright. Thanks for that info and sorry for making you repeat info that’s already been shared here.

Was this behavior different in past versions of Infuse and tvOS? I could have sworn I was getting DTS-HD MA on my receiver when I previously had my Infuse subscription active a year or so ago.

Nope DTS-HD has never been allowed as pass through by Apple. Before tvOS 11.4 you could bitstream relight DTS and Dolby Digital but Apple remove the feature.

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