Media file location screwed up

So I accidentally dragged a different group of video files in anothe folder into my TV shows folder I hit undo and Plex couldn’t find the files for some reason it was able to read the folder the file name it just couldn’t play the file therefore, I could not play in infuse so in Plex, I set up my server to relocate those files TV shows movies, etc. but now on my Apple TV, in infuse my favorites are gone and it just shows my server name as favorite on 2 of the Apple TVs. It also shows that my library can’t be shown from the server from Plex. The library is disabled. I have three Apple TVs only one shows most of my favorites. it can also see my library from my Plex server and also fetches the TV shows movies but the other two cannot. In two of my Apple TVs Infuse will show watchlist TV shows recent TV shows movies, etc. but it shows them With my server name, but on the third Apple TV, it does not Show my server name with the TV (add recent watchlist, ect )which I will show with pictures I am able to play all my videos now with Infuse through Plex But I would like to get my Favorites back on Infuse (you know the real colorful ones the blue movie favorite artwork with the outline of a movie projector the reddish TV show artwork )and having Infuse Find My server and update how many TV shows movies etc that I have in Library that I have or maybe you could tell me how to redo this whole thing erase Infuse and start from scratch.

This is on two of my Apple TVs as you can see. I only have one favorite now and it does not list any TV shows or movies in any of my libraries probably because I can’t find my server now it says library Is disabled I don’t know how that happened. I didn’t touch any of the settings in Plex to do that

On my third Apple TV, I didn’t touch any of the settings and it was able to locate files from my server as indicated below but for some reason, I’m missing my movie favorite artwork and icon. Also, this third TV will show how It can show how many shows and movies are in my library and it also does not show my server name next to the Recently Added TV shows movies, my watchlist, etc. The other Apple TVs do show my server name which never happened before



Library Mode is disabled when setting up new connections to Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex in Infuse 7.7+.

If you want to use Library Mode, you can enable it by using the ‘Library Mode’ option found under the ‘Advanced’ tab of the saved share’s settings page in Infuse.

More info on the differences between Direct Mode and Library Mode (as well as details on switching between them) can be found in this post.