Media (cover) change from source

Hi, I want to change some media of my library (covers) because the metadata bot choose the first one by default (ex: Rogue One - A Star Wars Story movie from The Movie Database).
In this example, I don’t like the first cover and I want to change it like I can do in Kodi or Plex).
I don’t want to download the cover and upload it into the movie directory because all the covers are already available inside the source (The Movie Database).

It is possible to change the cover? If not, have you in plan to add this feature like in your competitors?


I‘m an Infuse user since many years and this is in fact the #1 feature missing for me.
Plex and Kodi support this and it‘s badly needed to have a nice overview. Some covers have text, some have wrong translations, some even have big age rating logos on it and so on. I still haven’t stopped believing it will be implemented at some point in time.

Could be interesting receive an answer from the developers…