media browsing

have a black atv 2 with latest aflash and modules. when trying to browse either a shared volume on a windows pc or NAS volume with SMB after startup of atv or from power save modus i get the same errors every time.

First i get error cant read from smb… and the share that is defined in setup in the aflash settings

Then when i go one step back and try again, i get no content in share.

Go back again and then at the third time browsing the share i get the files in the share.


Anyone seen this? got a fix?


I’m having a similar problem with aTV black and media player. After working for months, I’m getting no content on my Smb shares, which are on a Win7 machine. The share passes test connection, and I’ve re-installed the jailbreak and aTV black, but it still doesn’t work. The files, all .mp4, can be viewed remotely from my iPad. And there have been no hardware or software changes on the Windows machine where the files are located. This just happened randomly. Anyone know how to fix this?