Measures/preparations to prevent my ATV2 from being non-JB-able due to next upcoming iOS version?

My two ATV2 are already JB’d using Seas0npass. I’ve already took measures long time ago to prevent ATV2s from auto-updating to newer iOS.

I can see my MacBook Pro (which I used to assist in the JB-ing process) has the IPSW file. Only one though… should there be two, one for each of my ATV2? Or is that just the file I need?

Is there anything else I should do as a precautionary measure just in case my ATV2 accidentally get updated to the next iOS version which supposedly prevents JB’ing?

I hope my question made sense. :slight_smile: Does anyone know?

you only need 1 ipsw, which should be the one created by Seas0npass which can be used over and over again.

I think that it blocks the future updates anyway once ATV Flash Black is run (can someone confirm that)


So you should be ok, just if it asks you to update select no.