MCU Movie Order

I’m looking for a way to have the MCU movies appear in the ‘watch’ order to make them sort in the order they are supposed to be viewed.

I’ve tried the simple method of putting two numbers in front of the movie titles (think 01, 02, 03, 04…) but this only works for a small portion of the movies.

My thought is for a certain symbols to be used within Infuse but masked when carrying out the search protocol on TMDB. So lets say the hard brackets .

That way if we applied this to the below filenames;


You would get;

and so on…

But Infuse would know to ignore the symbols and only search TMDB using anything following this criteria and up to the year.

Feasible? OR at least any other suggestions to get the sort order in the way I’ve described above?

Any support would be very appreciated. :slight_smile:

EDIT Added an example of how I’d like to display the movies. This is using the prefix of 01, 02, 03… but doing this will not return the metadata from TMDB.

I was wanting the same thing but I decided instead of mangling the file names and causing havoc with the metadata I’m waiting for version 6.1 with custom playlists. :wink:

Well, I just found a way that works!!! It’s clunky as hell, but it works and it works great!

Wanna know it? :smiley: