Maxtor NAS SMB share not streaming well after Beta 6

Post install of beta 6 the Media Player no longer will play ANY media on my Maxtor Shared Storage NAS beyond about 5 seconds.  Almost all my files are MP4 and optimised for ATV2. Pre Beta6 I could play any content no problems.  I can mount the shares, browse the directory structures, see all the files, but they all play for about 4 to 7 seconds, stop, no error, just back to the menu on the ATV2.

So what have I tested ?  All of the following, with no change in result.

  1. Network - connected ATV2 with wired network

  2. Jumbo Frame support (8K)

  3. Different file formats

  4. NAS firmware upgrade

  5. Complete un-jail break and jail break + aTV flash black install

  6. Network speed tests (pretty good, using Airport Extreme)

The only test I have been able to do that makes any difference is by accessing a SMB share in a Linux box.  Yes it does point to the Maxtor, but other devices, ipad, MBP, Linux box all work OK with the Maxtor. Plus it used to work. 

So, FireCore team, what did you change in the SMB code that has shut me down ?  Do I have to give up on my NAS ? Not happy.


Getting a similar issue … Got a qnap 219+ nas with a SMB mount for the apple TV.

Before beta6 i could stream content fine but now the files will play for about 10-15 mins then stop and go back to the media select screen, this is on both SD avi and HD mkv files…

The content is streaming fine through xbmc connected with SMB


Yes, still got problems after new upgrade.  The same here about the XBMC.  Works fine.  But media player seems fussy.  A few file swill play, some even play well, most seem to have video sync problems with screen going to green with lots of pixels, but most just play for about 10 seconds (longer then beta6) then back to the menu.

So, some improvement, but still not usable.  How is it that XBMC boys have the code right.  It almost seems like a streaming / buffering issue.

If you can submit a bug report we can try and track down what’s going on.