Maximum Number of Genres in Infuse 6

Good evening, everybody. I’m wondering if the tvOS app has a maximum number of genres it will display. Of my movie collection, the app is only showing 30 genres out of the 37 I have in my library. This is only because I have created individual genres for films (ex. Swedish Drama, Swedish Comedy, Swedish Horror, etc.) Is the maximum number, if existing, something I can change in the app or am I limited and need to recode files and consolidate genres?

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If you added genres to your home screen as a list I’m pretty sure it’s a function of the list that it’s limited to 30 items.

If you add it as a favorite I believe it will show all of them.

I’m having an issue with Genres after the recent update. It’s not showing some and I also do local metadata. I have 2 ATV’s and the other is on an older Infuse build and has no issue like this. Where yours is showing 30, mine only shows 28 out of a possible 48.